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A family-operated business ♥︎

Each candle in our collection carries a piece of my family's story. Inspired by my loved ones, many of the names are in Spanish, evoking memories and emotions tied to certain scents. From the warm embrace of "Besos" to the vibrant energy of "Chiquiada" each name reflects the essence of the fragrance it holds. 

With every candle, we aim to create not just a scent, but a sensory experience that resonates with the heart and soul.

The name "MiGi" (pronounced Mee-Jee) is a heartfelt tribute to my beautiful daughters, Milah and Giannah. 

The addition of "Cera," the Spanish word for "wax," reflects our family's passion for crafting candles. This combination embodies the inspiration and motivation behind our business, creating a meaningful connection to our loved ones and our craft.

Pioneering candle-making in the Bay Area Since 2018. Read our story at Migi Cera Candles

From humble beginnings with candles, our journey has blossomed into offering over 12 different products, including body butters, invigorating soaps, nourishing lip balms, and much more! :)


Migi Cera Candles was born! I started pouring my candles at home. Learning how to combine the oils, and creating my blends.


I've created my online shop where people started buying my products. I added other self-care goodies to my shop and started teaching the craft of candle making.


Increasing collaboration with SJ MADE, where I got to know many creators like myself and continued my candle journey.


Finally, I've opened my physical store in Downtown San Jose with two other amazing entrepreneurs!  Find us at Sueños!

Our products are handcrafted with love in the Bay Area


As we pour each candle, we pour our hearts into every step, resulting in beautifully crafted creations that bring joy and comfort to your home.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for choosing Migi Cera Candles to light up your life

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